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Work-Related Expenses

  • Vehicle and Travel Expenses: Use the logbook method or cents per kilometre method.

  • Clothing and Laundry: Uniforms with logos, protective clothing.

  • Home Office: Fixed rate of 67 cents per hour or actual expenses incurred.

  • Self-education: Costs directly related to employment.

Deduction Type


Vehicle and Travel Expenses

Logbook or 85 cents per kilometre method.

Clothing and Laundry

Uniforms, protective clothing.

Home Office

Fixed rate or actual expenses.


Directly related to employment.

Example: Work-Related Deductions

Scenario: Alex is an accountant who incurred the following expenses:

  • Vehicle and Travel: $2,000 (logbook method)

  • Clothing and Laundry: $500

  • Home Office: $300

  • Self-education: $1,200 (relevant course) 

Reporting Deductions 

Deduction Type


Vehicle and Travel Expenses


Clothing and Laundry


Home Office




Total Deductions