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Claiming Home Office Expenses for the Financial Year 2024

Claiming Home Office Expenses for the Financial Year 2024

Navigating home office expenses for tax deductions in 2024 can significantly benefit individuals and businesses alike. Understanding the latest guidelines from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) ensures you maximize your eligible deductions while complying with current regulations.

Importance of Documentation

Accurate record-keeping is crucial for claiming deductions successfully. Strict record-keeping requirements apply to be eligible to use the fixed rate method. This includes maintaining records related to both the number of hours worked during the year and the additional expenses incurred while working from home.

Taxpayers must keep:

  • A record of the hours worked from home during the year. This means maintaining a log of hours worked from home for the entire year, not relying on estimates based on a split of work from home and office days (e.g., if your employer requires you to work from the office three days a week).

  • Receipts for the decline in value of depreciating assets used for work, such as office furniture and technology.

For the actual cost method, documentation should include:

  • A diary or similar record for a representative four-week period to show your work-from-home pattern.

  • All receipts for expenses incurred.

Taxpayers can utilize timesheet or billing software to maintain accurate records of their working hours, ensuring they meet the ATO's documentation standards.

Hence, it will no longer be sufficient to provide an estimate of total hours worked from home based on the number of hours worked from home during a particular representative period and to then extrapolate that estimate to be indicative of the hours worked from home for the entire income year.

Example – Adapted from Example 6 of PCG 2023/1 showing that a family member who does not contribute to household bills cannot apply the revised fixed rate method

Sergei is employed as a graphic design artist. He works in the office 3 days per week and works from home 2 days per week. Sergei lives with his parents and when he works from home, he works in his bedroom using his employer-provided laptop and mobile phone. Sergei does not pay his parents any rent and he does not contribute to any of the household bills.

Although Sergei is carrying out his employment duties while working from home, he is not incurring additional running expenses. Accordingly, Sergei is not entitled to a deduction for additional running expenses and he cannot rely on PCG 2023/1.

Key Guidelines & Updates

The ATO has finalized its approach to claiming work-from-home deductions from the income year of 2023, providing clarity for the financial year of 2024. Here are some essential points to consider:

  1. Fixed Rate Method: The fixed rate method allows taxpayers to claim 67 cents per hour for the time they work from home. This rate covers the cost of electricity and gas for heating, cooling, and lighting, as well as the decline in value and repair of home office furniture and furnishings, and the cost of cleaning the home office.

  2. Actual Cost Method: Alternatively, you can choose to calculate your actual expenses. This method requires maintaining detailed records of actual expenses incurred, such as:

    • Electricity and gas for heating, cooling, and lighting

    • Internet expenses

    • Phone expenses

    • Decline in value of office equipment and furnishings

    • Cleaning costs

    • Computer consumables and stationery

  3. Eligibility Criteria: To claim home office expenses, you must meet specific eligibility criteria:

    • You must incur additional running expenses as a result of working from home.

    • You must keep records for the time spent working at home and the expenses incurred.

Future Considerations

As we move forward, staying informed about updates from the ATO regarding home office deductions is essential. The ATO regularly updates guidelines based on changing work environments and economic conditions, ensuring fair and effective tax practices.


Claiming home office expenses for the financial year 2024 offers valuable opportunities for tax relief, provided you adhere to ATO guidelines and maintain accurate records. Whether you opt for the fixed rate method or prefer the actual cost method, understanding your eligibility and obligations ensures you maximize your tax benefits while complying with regulatory requirements.

For personalized advice tailored to your specific circumstances, consulting with a tax professional can provide further insights and guidance.